Cognitive Therapy: Applying the science of Change

Applying the science of change:

Cognitive therapy or cognitive behaviour therapy, more commonly known as CBT, is the most validated for psychotherapy. CBT is based on the idea that our emotional reactions to events is determined in part by how we interpret these situations, in turn influenced by our prior experiences. For example, if somebody was exposed to harsh parental criticism as a child, this could bias their reaction to the possibility of criticism as an adult. Moreover, a person could develop ultimately self-defeating ways of reacting to the prospect of criticism. Over-valuing achievement at work and setting unrealistic standards ( we all make mistakes!) can ultimately prove exhausting or even lead to feelings of failure, depression and anxiety. CBT helps you press the “reset” button and learn more effective ways of coping with the aim of ultimately achieving your potential in a more balanced and sustainable way.

Booking a consultation:

Please note that until further notice all consultations will be on secure internet platforms such as Doctify There are two ways that you can arrange a consultation you can ask for a referral from your healthcare professional such as a GP, including brief details of the reason for the referral.

Alternatively, you can make your own appointment directly via the Doctify site.


  • Payment can be discussed at the stage of consultation or booking. Dr Ryan aims comply with health insurance tariffs when possible, however, these do not always meet the full costs.
  • All sessions are now online. Fees can be in line with your insurance cover or flexible if you are self-funding.

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